Development Management



If you have a suitable site and are contemplating to embark on one of real estate development’s more complicated challenges, Hotel Development, or you have an existing property and wish to upgrade, refurbish or extend your facilities, then you are at the right address.

Our MDᴣ™ (Market Driven Design Development) approach and generic design concepts (where FormàFollowsàFunction), coupled with our innovative ideas when creating your hotel’s UNIQUE SELLING POINTS (USP’s) ensure that the design of your product is founded on demand based intelligence and set up for success from the first pencil stroke.

The DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT MODEL is driven by Disciplines and Workstages which are designed to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks, from inception to conclusion of the Project Life Cycle (see below) and your project costs are managed within the viability model derived from the INTEGRATED FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS and as agreed with you.