Concept & USP Creation


Concept Creation

In cases of newly developed hotels entering the market, it is essential that this be done with as much upfront research as possible, in order to ensure that the design brief to the professional team is based on our MDᴣ™ (Market Driven Design Development) approach, which shall be the basis on which the hotel size, grading, facilities, amenities and services are determined.

We typically conduct a Market & Financial Feasibility, which provides us with critical data and information, from which we discern location based variables such as competitor analyses, customer profiles, guest needs and market trends. Our analysis and research will enable the team to highlight and develop service and product delivery concepts, Food & Beverage and Meeting & Banqueting concepts etc, which is then used to formulate the concept design brief.

We have long followed the principles of: “Form à Follows à Function” which enables us to develop concept design briefs which are largely generic, cost effective, yet innovative, logical and practical.