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Project Finance Procurement
The financial requirements of each owner / investor are different from case to case, as is indeed every project from one to another.  Based on your particular set of circumstances and taking into account the intelligence from the INTEGRATED FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS we endeavour to assist you with advice on the optimal gearing for your project, as well as the procurement of the required project finance from a reputable financial institution, taking into account the short term financial requirements of the project, as well as the long term sustainability of the going concern.

Once we have developed a proper financing strategy and we are appropriately mandated, we will put in place an agreement covering the agreed minimum criteria, conditions and costs.

In order to put us in a position to successfully source the requisite funding, the following typical issues must be put in place:

  • Our appointment to act on your behalf.
  • Full access to all material information of the development.
  • A copy of all relevant financial documents required from you as part of the submission.
  • Our appointment or a hotel brand to aid with the Sales & Marketing of the property.
  • Our appointment or an experienced team to aid with the Operation of the property.
  • The co-operation of the Client’s team where necessary.