Development Management

Project Management Services

Project Management provides in depth time, cost, quality and risk control through the application of best practices in communication, coordination, administration and control of your project.

It goes without saying that the faster and efficient the total project duration, the quicker you will be deriving revenue and thus minimising the cost of interim funding and the escalation of cost during the contract period.

In order to provide these services to its maximum benefit, we need to fully understand the business’ and your needs and objectives.

Project Management Services are no longer a luxury or something that can be provided as an ad-hoc services by the architect, as it used to be the case before it became a profession with the necessary tertiary degrees and professional bodies in support thereof, but a critical component of the overall development management services we can provide.

For your information, we have attached a detailed summary of our Project Management Services in PDF format, however we do recommend that you CONTACT US to discuss your particular requirements.