Development Management

Technical Services


This sections deal with the supply of information required by the various subject matter experts and professionals, working on a hotel project.

Whilst the details provided herein will go a long way to assist the professional team to design a hotel, a common mistake by many a developer / owner is that this is all that is needed to guide a professional team.

Having regard to the aforementioned, we wish to stress that the technical knowhow alone will not be able to ensure a successful hotel development, in absence of detailed market intelligence and the overall design and budget guidelines derived therefrom.

In addition to this, we also wish to stress the importance of incorporating the owners’ objectives, the operational delivery requirements and most importantly, the management of the ongoing decision making process throughout the development phases. 

This latter part is typically not provided by a hotel brand / operator and in absence of this service, an owner may well be paying for facilities / amenities that may not necessarily be essential to have, or deviate to large extent from the overall objectives and viability plans of the development.