Asset Management

Operator / Brand Appointment


The identification of the appropriate brand and operator can be a daunting task and can invariably become a long term financial commitment for an owner.

In many cases, hotel companies have attempted to adjust their branding to accommodate a variety of different geographical locations, tailoring their product and service deliveries at specific target markets and demographic influences. 

Notwithstanding the fact that there are many hotel brands on the market, choosing the right one for a specific hotel should be based on the best fit for the location, type and size of the hotel, as well as the brand’s distribution network and representation in the hotels predominant feeder-markets. 

Depending on the project finance (in cases of new developments) or funding requirements (in cases of acquisitions) of an owner, coupled with the specific risk profile of the transaction, it is always advisable to try and introduce some form of debt funding from a financial institution or investment partner.  In our experience, any funder would want to be assured that the hotel’s business plan is based on sound principles and has been thoroughly researched (click on MARKET & FINANCIAL FEASIBILITIES), but also that it is properly developed (click on DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT) and run by competent and reputable operators (click on MANAGEMENT).