Asset Management

Disposal Strategy Development


There may come a time when you arrive at the conclusion that you may wish to dispose of your Hotel for one reason or another, such as entering into a Sale & Lease Back, sell the Property to an Institution or Fund, or in a worse case and you have attempted to rescue the business and came to the conclusion that it may be better to cut your losses.

Since the decision to sell a property is likely to be based on financial and/or strategic reasons, we strongly suggest that you seek our assistance as we are not emotionally involved and therefore have the ability to analyse the situation logically and objectively.  It may well be in your interest to also have us assess your business to see if indeed we can still rescue the business, or renegotiate financial terms with your funders, please click on the relevant tabs in this section.

If the final decision is taken to dispose of the asset, it is best to do so according to a strategy that will ensure that you will still realize the maximum value under the circumstances.

Whilst we are not in the business of selling real estate, we are definitely the right people to assist you in the decision making process and development of a disposal strategy.