About Us

Vision, Mission & Value Proposition



HODEVCO is a dynamic and highly experienced hotel development and management team which is passionate about adding value through innovative, yet operationally efficient and cost effective design and quality business advice.

By continuing on our previously proven track record of integrity and successfully completed hospitality projects, coupled with our commercial, operational and development expertise, passion for quality and innovation, we will protect the investor’s interest, delivering projects on time and within agreed budget!



We will be the premier independent hotel development company in Africa, providing:

  • Reliable, dependable and highly professional service.
  • Innovative, yet functional and operationally sound design solutions.
  • Strong client relationships, giving reliable independent advice.
  • Passion and dedication to each and every project.
  • Successfully delivered projects on time and within agreed budgets.



The uniqueness of our Concept lies in our combined ability to: 

  • Assess any business or project, from an out-side-in perspective which enables us to develop appropriate business and/or design Strategies, culminating in reliable advice and guidance.
  • Provide our clients with all the necessary Structures, Systems and expert Skills for any type of business or project, with a single point of contact.
  • Add value and protect the client’s interests across the board, with a specific focus on the Product, the Processes and ultimately, the Profitability.